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How are the 05 4x4 es holding up???

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I was thinking about buying a 05 foreman es. I have been told that the s models are more reliable but I would like to hear from some owners of the es to see how they are holding up.
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No probs w/ mine, and its in a lot of water around here.
I have heard people say to hold out on the 2005 Foreman since it is the first year of a new motor. I am assuming to allow Honda to get some bugs out. Some prefer the 2006 becasue of this. Myself, I would say Honda did some extensive testing on the new 2005 500 Foreman before they starting manufacturing a ton of these atv's. What do you guys think?
ive got 1200 miles on my S and no problems yet...i love it! my brother has a ES and he has about 1000 miles on his, and no problems. except his has drank some creek water a few times, hehe.
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