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How about this setup?

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what do you all think?
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Looks good! How wide are those tires? Are the front and rear the same width?
nice rims, they look good.
just love those rims
The front are 9" wide and the rear 12". Sitting next to the 9.5" wide vampire these tires are actually wider
where can you buy those at?? might have to invest in a set of em sells them hunder ITP SS Wheels
@ $68 a wheel, that aint to shabby of a price. cheaper and better looking than some other wheels
yeah i was suprised when i seen that two since they are a new wheel on the market and they are really nice when i get a bike of my own im getting a set
With a lifetime warranty against bending or breakage they are well worth the price. This setup was around $650 lugnuts included. It looks a whole lot better now that it's clean!!
does the lugs use bevaled or flat
Sorry my computer has been on the fritz. they are tapered lugs if that is what you ask.
yep taht is what i was asking thanks
New to site, but wanted to post mine. Sorry, but the picture is kind of dark, I know, [email protected]#% amatuers. I got these from [/url] ITP SS112's with Mudlite XTR 27x9's front and 27x11's rear.
These are ITP TerraCross, 10x12-25 all around. They are radials & are the best tires I have owned yet.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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