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I was working on my winch the other day and left my key on like an idiot and of course the battery went dead. So I am charging it and turned the key on an the hours were a little high. I was wondering if the hour timer goes off when the key is on or the motor is running. No big deal just curious. Haven't paid that much attention to the hours recently anyway.
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everyone says that the hourmeter runs up if you leave the key on
i believe that it is only when the motor is running.......but if you stay stuck for alittle while befor getting out that is clocking time and miles to your bike
It comes on as soon as the key is turned on.
yep timer works when the key is on
yep, i've got about 90 extra hours on my bike thanks to that little feature.

never really thought about it but that is messed up...

a bike could be brand new and some ******* at the dealer could have left the key on a few times and ran the hours up to a few hundred.....

it's weird how some things work...

so that means when my dad is riding he leaves his key on to let the fan run (sometimes forgets its on) so he is clocking hours...haha can't wait to tell him....maybe he should just wire it up the the battery...
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