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Horse Power??

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Does anyone know how much HP and torque the Ruby puts out, stock?? And how much HP and torque can u get out of them.
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There's a post in here somewhere that list all the models and their HP. I'm pretty sure the Rubi is about 33 HP give or take. Not sure what you can get out of it. But for general info, my 04' Rubi is about 33 HP and 500cc and my 03' Rincon is about 32 HP and 650cc, the speed difference is in the trans and gearing Is what they tell me.
As soon as my 424 kit gets here and I install it I will be strapping the bike to the Dyno, will be the first 4x4 to hit my Dyno lol.

i always thought that the rubicon had like HP in the 20's like 27 or something.

where might i find charts and torque curves for Honda's.?? anyone know.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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