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I dont think there is a worse store that you can do business with. <a href="" target="_blank"> ... rchant.mvc</a> is their website. Their name is World Wide Performance Parts based out of Florida. I ordered a muffler off their website this past Monday and never got any kinda of response from them, only a paypal receipt. I emailed them the next day and got no response all day. When I called on Wed, no one would answer or return calls. I called back later on in the day and they answered, I asked for customer service and they told me to hold. The same guy came back on the line and said, "Can you call back in approximately an hour, everyone is at lunch right now."(It was 2:00pm central time and they are on the east coast, who the **** takes lunch at 3:00pm?) I got tied up at work so wasnt able to call until 4:15Pm. I called and the same dude answered. I told him I needed to check the status of my order, he told me to hold again. He came back and then told me, Im sorry, everyone has left for the day, they leave at 5. Can I take a message? I told him **** no, I've already left 3 or 4 why dont you have them return one of those. Finally, on wed someone returned an email I sent them one yet again. I requested the shipping info for my order so i could track it. The guy responded with, " What did you order". (The subject of the email was the order number given to me on my receipt and I gave them my name). So I told him I was a little concerned that he didnt know what I ordered when I just gave him my order number and name but then told him what i ordered anyways. He came back and told me, we dont use online order'll get your order in 7-10 business days. Thanks for ordering. So, all that BS and still didnt get my tracking number. I havent been able to get an email response, or message returned, or anyone to pick up the phone since that last email. I paid for UPS ground shipping but they act like they cant or wont provide the tracking number. This is the worst freaking company I have ever dealt with. sounds like this guy is the only that actually works there. Good thing I paid with Pay Pal so if the **** muffler doesnt come in soon I can file a deadbeat claim on them and get my money back. BEWARE!!!!
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