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hooking up a manual fan switch with a 3 position toggle

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a few have been asking about how I have my fan hooked up using a three postion switch for it to work. here is a diagram to hook it up to run in manual, turn it off or run it factory. I am not an artist so bare with me. If you have any question about this setup, just ask. this will work on the 400 and 450 foremans. I am not sure of the setup on the 500's, but I would assume it would be the same.

if you look at the picture, on the rear of the motor where the thermo sensor is.

there is a blue wire that runs from the sensor to the frame behind the right rear tire. the wire can be dissconnected. Using a few wiring connections attach a wire to both ends and extend them to the pod to the 3 positon toggle switch.

the picture shows where to hook them. also a jumper wire will be needed as shown.

Next is a ground wire that needs to be grounded out to the frame somewhere up front.

As you can see there is nothing hooked on the center terminals of the toggle, as the center position will be used as the off position. When the toggle is put in the manual positon which will be in the down position, the red oil light will be on as well.

with the toggle in the up position it will be as if nothing was done to it and work as factory
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gonna have to try it. why does the oil light come on when it is in the up position?
once the ground is applied with the toggle in the down position, it is giving the fan control unit a full signal as if the bike was overheating making the oil light come on. the thermo and control unit works with different temp ranges.
I understand what you are doing but I can't see it working as drawn in the diagram. Are you using a double pole double throw switch with 6 terminals. All the DPDT switches I have seen use the middle terminals as a common connection to switch alternately between the outer terminals. So they need to use the middle terminals to work at all.

A single pole double throw switch with 3 terminals will work when wired as follows. Center terminal to blue wire from fan control. One outer terminal to the sensor on the motor and the other to ground. Center pos will be off. One way will connect control to sensor as in factory. Other way will connect control to ground turning on fan and oil light.

I think this is how you have yours done. I'm just confused by the jumper and not having to use the middle terminals. Obviously it must work as you have been using it. Mayby I'm just having a blonde (not Dirty Blonde) moment.
H4 you caught me before I could fix it. the jumper is incorrect, I seen it this morning. I was going to redo it when I got home this evening after work. It should be on the side going to the control unit not the temp sensor side and yes it is a single poll 3 position switch with 6 terminals. All you are doing it just using upper and bottom of the switch to make a contact to complete the circuit. The middle nothing it needed as this is just a neutural position so nothing makes contact(off)

Corrections have been made.
With your extra oil cooler is there any problem with too much oil ending up in the base of the engine or does the pump allow only so much and keep the rest in the extra capacity of the cooler and hoses? Whlie I got my cooler out to clean I thought about making a an oil tank to mount on the front rack from a sealed pipe. It wouldn't cool as fast as an extra cooler but I could double the oil capacity and this would allow the engine to run cooler with no extra fans or coolers to hook up or maintain. Would this work and not result in too much oil in the base?
I am only running the one cooler on the rack and two fans. one for the cooler and the factory fan which is still in its original place to help cool the engine. I dont know how the tank would work, it sounds like a good ideal.
Might give it a try when I get caught up on the work on the bike.
This the only way to hook this up? I have a switch that delivers power straight to the fan. But i've noticed after running the fan like this after awhile I blow the fuse for my speed sensor. Then after awhile if I turn the switch off then back on later my speedo works. I'm gonna try it this way and see what happens.
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