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honestly what should I do?

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I have a 04 Rubicon with 28 swamp lites. I ride a little trail but mostly mud. Right now my quad is stock. With that said I expect the lack of power. But my question is will an HMF, filter, jets, clutch kit, and DGL give me the power to spin the 28’s enough to do any good or should I sale the Honda and go buy a Brute Force.

I will be out about the same amout of money either way
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If you would end up spending the same money I would go with the brute force, probably not a popular choice on a Honda forum but just being honest.
i think you would be happier with making your own creation...beside,who wants a cvt trans? this aint snowmobiling....
Well, we could all give advice on what to do but it all comes down to what you feel comfortable doing. I will say that in my opinion the brute force lineup are great machines. I just purchased my wife an 06' Brute Force 650i and she loves it. She also loves reminding me that she now has the most powerfull ride! We have one rider in our group that has an '05 BF 750 and that thing has seen more punishment and abuse than my wife would ever give hers and he has never broken down or had any major problems other than normal maintenence, oh yeah he also has nearly 5,000 miles on his.

The main thing to remember is more power, the easier parts can break (axles and such).

I'll still ride my honda because I like changing gears!!
Well with all the mods you listed you would be able to spin 28s no problem...But I would have to say I would go with marcust on this and say get the brute force one of my buddies has a bf 650i and he loves it..But its just what ever you thinks best for you..
I spin 28" outlaws with just a clutch kit on my 05' foreman no problem.
i was in the same boat you were in about a year and i went with the brute. but you should be able to turn the 28s good with all of that, a clutch kit would also help alot too. i had all of that stuff on my rubicon and it turned my 27" executioners really good. i also put them on my brute 650I and i could also turn them realy good( well a good bit better). it just depends if you want to stay with honda or switch to something bigger and better. BTW i love my brute, no belt problems with 500 miles on in IMO best 4wheeler i have had yet. if you have any questions about kawasakis i can try to help you out, i dont know if you knew this or not but kawasaki makes three different brute forces and they are all different. just wanted to let you know incase you had any questions about anything.
My brother-in-law has a lot of electrical problems with his Brute Force,could be just an isolated problem with his bike but everytime he goes deep he has to let it dry out for a couple of days to get his gauges to work.
QUOTE ("tmeasel":3scip67g)
My brother-in-law has a lot of electrical problems with his Brute Force,could be just an isolated problem with his bike but everytime he goes deep he has to let it dry out for a couple of days to get his gauges to work.
This was a problem and supposedly is fixed on the newest models. Has he sealed everything good? If not you need to take every electrical connection loose and put die electric grease in them. This will seal it and keep water from shorting out the connection.
the problem has been fixed on the 06 and up on the 650I and 07 and up on the 750. i am not sure about the 650sra, i am thinking that it is fixed but i am not sure on that one. like Bigvick said, if you have a brute that is out of the years that they fixed the problem, just grease it and you should be fine.
What about the Bombardier big bores? They seem to be the most powerfull out there these days. Dont know much about them though. Was looking at them but decided on the Honda because of its rreliability reputation, plus I like to shift gears too.
If you want something with rediculous power get a brute force. The power is uncomparable to a honda. But just realize, It is not a HONDA. I just heard this the other day. A can am has the 3 year warrenty but everytime you bring it in there is a 150 dollar canadian deductible. How Crude. My friend has a 06 rincon with the 6 month warrenty and the water pump let go after 2 years riding. No Warrenty but honda replaced it at no charge. That is Quality service. It probably was a common problem but they still backed it. Who needs the power when you got dependability!
I read in this months ATV 4 Wheel Action or Dirt Wheels(cant remember which one) that the 650 Bute was actually faster than the 750 but the 750 had more torque.
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