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HondaMechanic please read. Clutch ???

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I was trying to adjust the clutch on my 2004 450 S and my clutch adjustment screw was seized. I loosened the locking nut and let some penetrating oil soak on the screw threads for about an hour. I finally got it to turn but it has resistance through the whole turn. This means I can't follow the manuals directions for turning it CCW until resistance is felt.
I marked it before turning and locked it back down where it was fron the factory.
My question is, can the screw be taken all the way out and the threads be cleaned or will something fall behind the cover if I do this?
Thanks for the help.
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The clutch adjuster comes out from the inside .. They don't thread thru the clutch cover ,the adjuster just pushes thru the clutch cover and is sealed with an o'ring .. Yours is corroded where it passes thru the cover ,if it won't free up by turning it back & forth then the cover will have to be taken off and the hole & adjuster cleaned up ..

Here is a picture of the adjuster ..

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We can always count on you.
I will keep turning and see if I can work it loose. It will turn, but not free.
Thanks as always!!!!
well u can take off the lock nut and take a small wire brush on a dremal tool and shine up the treads on the nut/bolt reinstall with grease . the ajustment is very small and removes the play of the triangle bearing plate that opens the clutch bands when u shift it wears very little about one MM or two over time .
i had to remove the clutch cover to install clutch springs and a cam so i cleaned mine that way about a 2 or 3 hour job but not bad.
I had that problem with mine. I used penetrating oil like you did, then once I got it free I took the nut off, screwed the screw as far out as I could, then put never seize on the threads. I ran the screw in and out a few times to spread the never sieze around, then reinstalled the lock nut. I adjusted the clutch per the manual and have not had any more problem with the screw seizing. (I adjust my Clutch about twice a year)
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