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Hondamatic or Sprag clutch ?

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Hello ..
I like to know who have problem with the Rubicon ?

Who had the problem with Hondamatic or was it Sprag clutch ?

When you have problem what it doing and any noise ?

What year and how many mile it have when you got it fixed ?

If you have any other probelm beside hondamatic or sprag clutch ... please let me know ..I like to know more about it ..

I have 2002 Honda Rubicon with 755 miles on it and it running good and wont move any good at all .. and making nosies too like grind noise..

Thank you if you answer any ..... I like to try to keep Rubicon going !!!!

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Could be the oil pump chain. Mine came off my 04 and it made some weird grinding noises when it came off. It also wouldn't move at all.
rubicon transmission noise

Any luck on the tansmission noise? I have an'04 Rubicon with the same problem: shifts fine, runs fine, but has a ratcheting noise when decelerating down-hill. I now have the engine in pieces on my workbech in the garage and am looking for answers. Please let me know your experience on this machine.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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