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I had a yamaha warrior but sold it because the kids were picking up too many of my bad habbits. I decided it was time to get a 4x4. after shopping for a couple of weeks I had it narrowed down to two choices, a Honda foreman or a Yamaha Kodiak. As you all know by now, I went with the foreman. After purchasing it I began searching for aftermarket parts that I could add (only after I finished the house for my wife ) I also wanted to know what people thought about their foremans. enough of the bla bla let me get to the point. what is the deal with all the negative reviews about the foreman? low on horsepower and torque. Are they just jealous?
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I hear some say Honda's lack cc's in the motor department. Really what I have to say to that is "do we really need all that motor?" I can remember when the classic Fourtrax 300 4x4 would do anything and go anywhere and everybody and their brother had them. The 300 lasted 12 years when replaced in year 2000 by the 350 Rancher. Then 7 years later Honda makes a 675cc fuel injected Rincon. Maybe in 7 more years we will think the ole 450 and 500 Foremans will be like that little 300 Fourtrax that was built like a tank.

I think Foremans are Honda's backbone in the atv line. They are tough atv's, built to last. And what makes them great machines is the motor and transmissions that come in these atv's. Take Bombardier, Polaris, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, who have belt system transmissions and check the longevity. Eventually the belts break, need changed, or get wet. Honda's manual and auto's are gear driven transmission built for maintenance free operation. I recently bought a 06 Foreman 500 back in January and I absolultey love it. I just wish I had more time to ride it. The Honda vs. Whoever debate will go on forever and people will write reviews upon revews on how other manufacturers are making atv's better than Honda. Honda make not have a the biggest cc motor out there, but they are very dependable. Now if Honda would just put that 1832cc SOHC liquid-cooled six-cylinder from a Gold Wing into a Rincon with a Rubicon's automatic tranny, oh boy.......
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Honda is the best thing there is. There's nothing else to it.
Had quite a few machines, I like the Rubicon the best. You made the right decision. I had a 02 Kodiak 400 and it was a great machine except I was always getting water in belt case. Haven't had to drain the belt case yet on my Honda's.
I think that Honda is one of the "top" quads built. They run strong and long, but along the way, you will have a few problems. It is the same thing with a vehicle.
Honda builds reliable utility quads that will last forever if you keep them out of the mud and water and maintain the equipment. Anything you drop in a mudhole is going to have problems! The downside to Hondas Foreman is the SRA and it doesn't have the HP and torque a liquid cooled engine of same size would have. Its a balance, trouble free riding with less power or stop alot and clean out the radiator and gain a few HP. The belt drive systems on other quads are good, except they are high maintenence. If you stay on top of it and keep it adjusted they are great, but if they get loose or wet you are sitting still until it either dries or you replace the belt! Most problems on all quads is from too much stuff!
Never enough stuff!!!!!
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