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Ok everyone I am 35 years old been a Honda Man all my life,but i bought a 06 foreman 500 and I have had it with the problems I've had with it.
4 months old dealor rebuilt the motor due to a knock it had since the day I bought it,they couldn't fiqure out what was wrong so they rebuilt the motor. 3 months later started making the same noise(I do ride the bike hard) but I have always rode my honda's hard and never had a peoblem.No more warranty they would not fix it again,I brought it to another shop had the motor rebulit again,and they also found that first and 2nd gear forks in tranny were wore had bad groves in them,payed alot of money to get her fixed.Ran good for 6 months now smoking,stay in the back of the pack smoking,so I am gona fix it one last time and sell her for 3000 dollars,and for the first time gona try a new brand so if anybody interested e-mail me at [email protected].
This will probably be my last post as a honda owner,I hope all you honda riders have better luck than me.
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Sorry about your luck, but I think its because your a Tiger fan.
Do you take your bike in the water at all? If so, the smoking could be contributed to that. Your rings wear easily when water gets in there.

Sound like you got the lemon of the group though.
They aren't meant to be rode hard. you wore out 1st and 2nd you are driving hard. I keep 4 wheels on the ground and i'm a 1st gear mudder. no probs with my 05' yet.
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