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Honda Rubicon Oil - What kind do you use?

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Hey there guys, I was just interested in what kind of Oil you guys are using in your bikes. With the Hydrostatic Drive and the Engine and Transmission sharing the same oil, I would preffer to change the oil more frequently. The spec's in the Honda manual are very clear, with the initails, however I used to work at a honda dealer, and they quite often told customers to just go to Canadian Tire and pick up 4 stroke oil. Is there anyone out there in the Oil buisness that can shed some light on this topic for me? I know the mark up on the honda oil is ridiculuos (8.99/litre) so who is using what and can you back your choice up with the matching oil codes?

I use the Canadian Tire 4 stroke oil for ATV's it works good, and the bottle has the codes indicated in the honda manual, but it is only available in One Litre bottles! $3.99/litre.
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I have always used Honda oil, I dont know the market differences from the US to Canada, but here if you consider the amount required(5 or 5-1/2 quarts per change) oil is not really going to save me that much money. I buy honda oil around $3.50 per quart, I am interested in your question, and the responses you will get on this topic. On a side note, I wonder if anyone knows where you can get oil filters for Rubicons at a good price?
You can get filters on ebay like 5 for $21 thats what i did.
I buy my filters 12 at a time for about 3.50 ea ! and oil by the case for about 3.00 a qt. ( gn4 only )
I run the Honda GN4 in my Rubicon also. I am considering going with Mobil 1 for ATV's next time though. Also look at Amsoil, thay make good oil for ATV's.

I have not had any issues or problems with the GN4...It is a good oil as far as I am concerned.
I have been looking locally for the Mobil 1 but have not found it locally and wish to use the Mobil 1 oil filter also. I use Mobil 1 oil and filters in all my automobiles. Research oil filters and the Mobil 1 filter is top of the line filters. Guessing it should be the same for the ATVs. Others can let trash bypass easily and the Mobil 1 filters use a much smaller micron filter than most any others and this is the best protection for any engine. Cost much mroe but if it protects engine, it is worth it to me.
Ive been running Shell Rotella full synthetic 5w-40.
Gives fast lubrication to the ever so pricy "HondaMatic" tranny in even the coldest of starts and the hottest of trail rides. A little more $ than the GN4 though. This oil comes highly recommended on other Rubicon sites.
"and no it doesnt have any friction modifiers to mess up the clutch"
I use GN-4 to But I get my filters at O-Rielly for about 3.50 each.
Fram # CH6007
Do some research by searching internet about filters and can see why many filters such as the ebay filters and fram filters are cheaply priced. Most will bypass easily and then you basically have no filter. Even the filter media is different among different filter manufactures. Seek out the better, high end filters for best protection of your engines. Using good oil and a cheap filter is not much help for your engine as oil will pass particles that will damage engine after a while. Not worth the extra savings to me.
Thanks dastagg,
I thought about that but did not do any research. I just find it hard to pay $10.00 for a little filter. But, I will just have to bite the bullet. I change
my oil about every 60 to 100 miles. Kinda crazy I know but it's a thing I have.
Wow, If you change your oil that often, maybe you don't need to change the filter each time unless you are seeing signs of milky oil. Guess you are changing it so often because you are burying your Honda in mud/water? Other than that, you difinately are not wearing out the oil expecially if you have a good filter.
I've done that on my 2003 Rancher...change the filter every other oil change.
I do ride alot of water. I have never gotten water in the oil.
I just change it. At least I know that the motor is clean inside.

Good Info Guys Thanks a lot!

Good Info Guys Thanks a lot!
I second the Rotella T Syn... what ever you run, make sure it dont have the conservation lable on the back
i use synthetic valvoline 10-40 with a k&n oil filter try looking on rockeymountainatv i see that there filters are cheaper i think and im curouis about the full synthetic honda oil. i havent changed the valvoline yet but i think its a very good oil . you know bc i have about 1000 miles on my rubicon lol
This thread is 6 yrs old ;)
I used a 10W 40 ATV oil from Canadian Tire last night! Wasn't sure what to be using...

Honda don't exactly make thing easy though, when it comes to oil changing... what an interesting set up! They could have probably designed things a little different than the goofy spring/washer setup. I'm sure someone has fouled that up and had engine/tranny trouble because of it!
This thread is 6 yrs old ;)
I thought I should revive this!!
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