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honda rubicon noise

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I can hear a grinding noise on the left front of my 01 rubicon when the bike gets warmed up. The noise isn't there until the bike gets warm though. It kind of sounds like a chain slipping on a gear or something. I can hear it mostly when coasting, then when I hit the throttle it sounds like something slips slightly making the grinding noise then catches. Any suggestions on what this may be?
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Yeah, I took it to the shop once and told them what it was doing, and mysteriously, they couldn't get it to make the noise. They said that they couldn't find any problems with it. It dosen't do it until the engine gets hot though. I figured that if it was an oil compression problem that it would do it at operating temp. I'll take it to have them do a check anyways to make sure. Thanks for the info.
Had the oil pressure tested finally. The mechanic said that he ran the bike for five minutes and the oil pressure was about 18 psi when idling and was dropping. Said that it would cost a min. of about 800 dollars depending what all they had to do to it. Is there anywhere that I can get an equivalent gauge here in the us to check it for myself? What connector do I need for the case?
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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