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honda rubicon 500 overheating

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my honda keeps overheating more regular than it should.what r some tips 2 fix this
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Honda what... Rincon ( water cooled ) Rubicon, Foreman ( air cooled ).. Short rides, long rides and temp of air..
He said in his post that it is a Rubicon. Rubicons are Liquid Cooled, not Air. Have you looked at the rad? Could it be dirty? Does it need coolant? Just some ideas? Not running in LOW for long periods are you?

Sorry...All that is showing up on my screen is " My Honda is overheating ".. I am not seeing anything else.. Oh well
This happend to me once it is probably your rad, remove the front screen and the sides and clean with low pressure water and if difficult to remove use a tooth brush.
Did you get your problem fixed? If not look at your fan, make sure it is working, you may just have a fuse blown. Also when you posted overheating more than it should, how often has it done this? And what did you do after you noticed this? I am assuming you saw the temperature light on, and that is what you are referring to as overheating.
Mine was doing the same. Rad was packed with mud.
I clean it after every ride now and everything is cooool.
flush rad, change thermostat, that fixed my bike.
machine is running in tip top condition know .the rad was completely plugged with mud and i put new coolant in it.thanks guys
I have a 2002 TRX 500FA Honda foreman rubicon where is the thermostat and temperature fuse at? Always running hot
how is it always running hot? the temp light always on? and the fuse block is under the seat by the battery pop off the little cover and open the box and there are the fuses
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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