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I failed the AC SENSOR LINE inspection, when I hooked up to the ICM 4P connector yellow terminal with the alternater 5P connector green i got continuity and i wasn't suppose to... now another thing am i suppose to get continuity through all three yellow wires on the alternator 5P connector yellow terminal or just one?

I don't know what i need to buy to fix this problem maybe someone can help me out, i think i need a rectifier but im not 100%
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Ok I believe I sent you the whole ignition & charging sections ..

At the start of the ignition section (1st page section 18) you will see the wiring diagram at the bottom of the page .. You can see that the AC sensor line
is just a "T" on 1 of the yellow alternator wires (3 phase alternator is the 2 yellow wires) .. Next using the charging section (section 17) (page 17-9) test the alternator charge coil ..Test between the 3 yellow wires (2 then 2 more then 2 more each time between the 3 yellows) and then all 3 again test to a good ground ...

Test both at the alternator coupler from the engine & at the reg/rec ... When you test at the reg/rec make sure the alternator coupler at the engine is plugged back in ..LOL..

Everything needed testing should be in those sections read and test then post back ..
hey i got it working i needed a rectifier but thank you for the help
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