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Honda Mechanic PLEASE HELP

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I feel like such a dumb A. I got new tires on the Foreman and with the front being a little wider I managed to bump a couple of trees between 5-10 mph. I'm sure you can imagine the front wheels aren't exactly straight. I can still drive it with no problems, you can just tell they are slightly tweaked. Is there anything I can do to straighten the front wheels or will I have to take it to the dealership? Thanks for any help.
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You can adjust your tierods on the front to bring it back correct.
What is the best way to know what is "correct"? Thanks for any help.
measure in front of the tires from center to center then do the same on the back of the tires, then adjust the tierods until the two measurments are equal or the front one is a liitle less. Some do that so that the front end will correct itself in a straight line.
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