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Honda Mechanic - I need help

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Whats the trick to getting the jug down over the rings. Its been a battle all night.
Let me start from the beginning. Got a buddy with a '05 foreman 500 that has gotten water in it a few times. Its all his fault, he is a big boy and when it goes under and stops breathin, he isn't the fastest to get off of it and get the exhaust out of the water.
Weekend before last, his ride started smokin and so we pulled it apart, and he purchased a new piston, rings, and gaskets. The piston looked fine, the only reason we replaced it was the because of the wear between the pin and the rod. We took the jug to the machine shop and had it honed. We attempted to put it back together and run into some interference while tryin to slide the jug on. We easily got the top two rings into the jug, but battled the oil ring. After about the 7th attempts and probably some excessive force, we found that we had damaged the lower oil ring. No problem, we decided to yank one off the old piston and let her go. Bingo. Slid right on. We rode the last weekend and half way through the ride it started smokin again. I know he didnt rawhide it, so i was clueless at this point. We tore it back down tonight and found that apparently when we put it together the first time we either broke or damaged the ring landing for the oil ring. A piece of it was broke off above the piston pin. Im assuming that we damaged it upon the installation and it broke off during the ride. We decided that because there were no signs of excessive wear on the old piston, we would throw it back in with another set of new rings and the pin from the new piston and let her rip. But, we are incountering the same problem again. It slides past the two compression rings with relative ease, but when the jug meets the oil ring it becomes a battle.
Whats the trick? Do we need some sort of ring compressor. I have put together 250X's, 300EX's, and 350X's and have never met this much resistance and have never used a spring compressor. From the ones that I have seen, I'm not sure how you would get the compressor out after the rings went in anyway.
Help me out.

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There is no easy way to put the cylinder on.. Honda doesn't have a ring compressor for any of the ATV's ... We use 2 guys ,1 on each side of the engine with small long flat blade screwdrivers to help work in the rings .. The bottom of the cylinder is beveled in so the ring will automatically compress but it doesn't work very well on most cylinders .. You just have to keep the piston & cylinder square and be careful ..
Snap-On makes a small ring compressor for this's about 32$ and the top is chamfered to fit into the bottom of the cylinder and then once the piston is in you can undo the band and take the ring compressor has saved my butt a # of times and i won't give up that tool.they also make about 5 different sizes of it too for various size motors.
What i use when i have to pop pistons in the cylinder, and can't use a normal ring compressor, is a large hose clamp that'll fit around the piston. Just be careful that the clamp doesn't damage the jug when you're pushing the piston in. Have you measured end gaps on the rings to make sure they're the right size for the piston and cylinder? What happened to the piece that broke off, deffinately don't want that floating around in the bottom-end. What about seating the new rings into a cylinder that might've had the honing wore off already, i don't think they'll seat properly without another honing. Sounds like a clearance issue so measure the ring end-gap sitting in the bore and make sure it matches factory specs.
Pretty sure the piece of aluminum is down in the case, but I'm not about to split the case in an attempt to find it. Hopefully it won't be an issue. We checked the ring gaps last night and they fell within the specs listed in the manual. We attempted the hose clamp thing last night too, but we were unsuccessful. Talked to a buddy that used to work at Coast and he said he would come by and lend a hand. I'm gonna watch his technique and see if i can figure out where i went wrong.
Thanks for yalls input. I'll let yall know how it turns out.
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