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honda mechanic help!

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My 1991 Fourtrax 300 4x4 will shift to reverse nuetral and first but only if you rock it a whole bunch, I did get it to go into second once but I drove it for a minute and it fell out of gear. Please help!
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Sounds like your going to have to remove the alternator cover and check the shifting assy ..

If you need any PDF shop manual sections just post or PM your email address ...
Okay, my E-mail address is [email protected] and what should I look for when I am checking the shifting assembly? Thanks a bunch.
There is a stopper arm (with a roller on the end) this rolls around the shift drum center holding it into each gear .. Sounds like it could be bad ..

there is also a centering pin/post that centers the shift shaft , we used to have trouble with it coming loose and/or breaking so you should check all the shifting assy while the cover is off ..
How do I get the rotor off on the lefthand side of the engine so I can open up the crankcase?
To check the gearshift assy you don't have to pull the flywheel ..
but to get into the transmission you do, I think... Im learning here!
Yes to split the crankcases to work on the transmission you have to pull the motor , remove the top end , remove the clutches & flywheel ..
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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