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hey honda tech, i was reading through that file and had a question for you. I've just recently jetted my 06 with a dynojet 170, k&n filter and i still have the stock exhaust but i don't have the spark arrestor in it, its got a tip on it instead. Now whe i'm trail riding in 1st, and 2nd kinda sputters a bit but does really well as long as i'm staying on the gas hard. Is there a way that i can change out the slow jet with one of the other jets that came with the jet kit or should i leave that alone? my needle is set on the top clip position and i turned the air/fuel out 2 1/2 from the best of my knowledge....kinda hard to tell with the little tool that came with the kit......what do you suggest i do to get the low gear cruising sputter to stop?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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