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Honda Mechanic ? Cold Start & Air/Fuel anyone can reply

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Honda Mechanic,
Saw a remark you posted about cold starts back in January. You were talking about air/fuel and honda setting them very lean. I have an '06 500s.
Can I adjust the air/fuel screw to help out without having re-jet? If so where is it and which way is richer?

Anyone else have input?
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Depends on why you want to adjust the pilot screw .. If you installed an aftermarket performance exhaust ,or installed a higher flow air filter then you will need to re-jet.. But if the bike is just running a little lean or rich then adjusting the pilot screw maybe all you need ..

If either of these files don't work PM me and I will email them direct ..Sometimes the free file host doesn't work so good ..

Here is Section #6 from the 2005-05 Honda TRX500FE shop manual this will show you where the pilot screw is and the proper way to adjust it ..

Download File

Also here is the Honda Common Service Manual .. This manual has 393 pages and is full of good info on Honda engines it has a good fuel section ..

Download File
hey honda tech, i was reading through that file and had a question for you. I've just recently jetted my 06 with a dynojet 170, k&n filter and i still have the stock exhaust but i don't have the spark arrestor in it, its got a tip on it instead. Now whe i'm trail riding in 1st, and 2nd kinda sputters a bit but does really well as long as i'm staying on the gas hard. Is there a way that i can change out the slow jet with one of the other jets that came with the jet kit or should i leave that alone? my needle is set on the top clip position and i turned the air/fuel out 2 1/2 from the best of my knowledge....kinda hard to tell with the little tool that came with the kit......what do you suggest i do to get the low gear cruising sputter to stop?
I don't have any mod's to the engine I was just looking to give it a little better cold start response. Thought that might help. Guess I will have to get a special wrench for the pilot screw?
yeah you need a funky screwdriver bit, they come with the jet kits. You could probably make your own though.
Thanks for the info guys>>>one last question. Does anyone else have a stock 500 that they have adjusted pilot and know what they set theirs at?
My 500 is all stock.I thought it was too lean from the factory,when cold starting it needs the choke on for a long time.I rotated the carb. upside down and removed the mixture screw with needle nose pliers,then cut a slot in it and now I can use a screwdriver to adjust it.It's at 3 and 1/2 turns out now.

After you riched it up does it still need the choke for startup/warmup?
I think it helped.Lately I've been able to start it without the choke.We'll see when it gets cold.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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