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Honda quest...part #'s

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ok I have a question for ya...I'm doing repair work for a friend on a TRX350FE02 '02 rancher.ok my questions are here.I need to replace the pull start assy and i see that Honda lists a Pn. for an'02 as
28400-HN5-671 and the Pn. for the '03 as 28400-HN5-M01.the price on the first part # is 68.16 and the price on Pn.#2 is 17.15 on the pdf parts diagram they are shown as containing the same exact parts.will the Pn.
28400-HN5-M01 which is 17.15$ work on the '02 even though it's listed as for the '03?? I don't see the point of spending more than i need to as i'm trying to keep costs under control for the's also my understanding that most of these parts do interchange up to current models for most engine parts.some insight here would be appreciated.
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OK...another thought here i have to replace the drive hub for the pullstart as it has a big groove worn in it i'm going to replace it with
Pn.28430-HN5-M00 which is for the ' maybe i just answered my own question i posted above.this Pn.28430-HN5-670 is paired with the '02 pullstart assy. which is the ridiculously expensive one.I don't see why either one of those parts would not bolt to the rear of the crankshaft as that is the same Pn....thanks again for the help here.
Most of the parts are the same .. The bolt pattern is the same because the part number for the alternator cover is the same for 02 & 03 .. But the recoil pulley #10 part numbers do not superseed to the new number .. I've had lots of the recoil starters off 02's and 03's but never checked them to see if they were the same or different ..

I really don't know right off if the covers are interchangable or not ..

Here are the part numbers for 02 & 03 ..

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ok thanks.I think if i use 28430-HN5-M00 with the '03 pull start it'll work fine.i do believe the "pulley" is a different size.I could always take the cover off my '04 and double check if i need too.I guess we all learn shortcuts everyday.thanks again. save everyone alot of money if they replace their pullstart.The cheaper pullstart for the '03 will work for the older ranchers.just thought i'd thro this up as i forgot about it and i figured it may help someone.
Hey, not sure if this will help you but Member VETTIMAN is offering 15% off honda parts for all members here, go to the Foreman 500 section and look in the STICKY listing on the first line, scroll down half way and you'll see it, if you send him a list of items he'll help you out.

Good luck,

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