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Honda Mech. Please Help

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I have an 06 TRX350 FM with 27"X 12"X 12" Outlaws all around. I used an engine cool additive and I think it is causing my cluch to slip. Please recomend a fix; can I flush & refill? And what is the recomended oil weight & type? If new parts inside are needed please advise what should be replaced, and are you aware of a high performance clutch for this model bike? Thank you in advance.[/b]
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Energy conserving oil/additives will cause the centrifugal clutch to slip .. As long as it didn't slip to much/long then it probably didn't burn the centrifugal clutch drum .. What I'd do it change the oil a couple/several times using cheap 10w30 letting it warm up good between changes ... Then change it using Honda 10w40 , if it does slip Honda says clean up the inside of the drum using ..

Centrifugal Clutch Outer Cleaning
• Scour/clean the inside of the clutch
outer using a Maroon Scotch Guard
Pad or equivalent, or 220 grit wet/dry
sandpaper and parts washer solvent.
Clean parts prior to reassembly.
So if you use an engine cooling additive to let it run cooler than you are damaging your clutch?
Thank you for the quick response; Estimated runtime when I noticed the slipping was approx 30 min. I just completed 2 oil changes, the last with about 4-5 oz. of motor flush. I purchased Suzuki 4-Cycle motorcycle oil 10W40 (Honda was not available). I will test it tonight in peanut butter. Hopefully Honda quality will prevail. Thank you again and wish me luck, I will keep you posted.
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