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Honda GPScape

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does anyone have this and how does it work? I have a 01 foreman 450es if i were to come by someone parting out a bike with gpscape could i disconnect my electronic box thingy(where the speedometer and gear your in is) and plug this in or wire it in? just a thought if not what gps's are you's using?

thanks for any help!
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i have seen GPScape
its not bad but not very good either.
you are better off and cheaper hand held GPS
i am now running the magellan 500
i have used a garmin as well ...
what you want is downloadable maps and use TOPO maps
color is nice.. you can do waypoint and track and routes and stuff like that
but dont use any other mount than a RAM mount ...
unless you like to buy a new GPS after each ride
I use a garmin 60CSx. I have the topo maps loaded. I carry it in my pocket, and have the aux power cable hooked up. Every now and then I stop and look at it if I need to, to see where I am. Other wise I just enjoy the ride. If I get off and walk I can carry it with me. This is much more useful than one mounted on the bike. (My opinion)

If you shop on line you can find a deal. I would recommend one with a removable SD card, and color display if you can swing it. You will probably be using it for 5 or maybe 10 years if you get a good one.

Enjoy. : )
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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