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Honda Foreman ES 450 Odometer Issue

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I recently found this forum when I was looking for a solution to my problem with my 2000 Honda Foreman 450. I purchased the ATV 2 Days ago and the odometer read 1391 Miles and 161 Hours. I have used the ATV extensively throughout the week (Hour meter read 163 hours and 1407 miles) and this morning I went out, and the odometer and hour meter had reset themselves back to 1391 Miles and 160 Hours.

Have any of you had this issue before? How can I fix this problem? I appreciate all of your responses.

Thanks so much,

Mark Patterson
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My 450 did that one night as well, it refused to go past 2999 miles for about 6 miles, then it went and has worked fine since. There must be a bad connection somewhere...anyone?

Found out some new info today on the issue.

The hour meter changes when it reaches 163.1 Hours and it goes BACK to 160.0 hours. AFTER the hour meter resets, when you turn the bike off, it resets the miles of the machine BACK to 1391 miles.

Any one??????


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wish my car would do that
you should whack it with something..nothing to big or heavy mind you, just like a screwdriver..or better yet a 'er right up
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