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Honda foreman 500 brakes issue

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Hello I just bought a 2005 Honda foreman 500 but it has an issue with the brakes . There’s no brake pressure front or back. Does the system need to be bleed or there a bigger issue ? The brake fluid looks to be low too
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the front is hydraulic the back isn't. Take a pair of vice grips clamp them on the front brake line. Then pump the handle. If the handle doesn't sink its not that master cylinder.
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Your front sound like that need to be drained refilled and bled correctly, also check Master cylinder and pads. The back are drum you have two turntable post to tighten or loosen the drum lever. My rear were sticking bad when I got it, so I went to ACE hardware and got 2 6 inch compression coils for 69 cents, replaced the stock springs on the bike with them and my brakes work better then ever. However braking isn't all great on my Foreman but it does 45 tops, so to me it's not a big deal but I also got a Raptor 700 that does 102mph with no back brakes front only, that I race and jump with. Lol
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