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Honda Foreman 450 Snorkel 2

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Disclaimer: is not responsible for any damage caused to you or your bike during deep water riding. Install and use snorkel at your own risk.

Note: All Materials were purchased from Lowes
For a printable material list click here <a href="" target="_blank"> ... t_list.htm</a>

1. Remove your factory air box, and take out the factory intake tube. Be sure your rubber grommet the intake tube attaches to is still in the air box and in good shape. Take the white flexible spa tubing (Approximately 2' 10.5") and insert it into the air box through the factory rubber grommet. This is going to be a tight fit, which is good, you may need to use a little WD40 to get it in easier. Reuse the factory hose clamp and tighten it up.

2. You will need to trim the fender to allow the tubing to pass through, here is where mine is cut. You will also need to trim the inner fender.

3. Now we will assemble the fender mount and adapter. Take the shower drain, and remove the strainer from the bottom. Cut out the strainer like pictured.

Cut a 3.25" long piece of the 2" PVC and glue the Insert Coupling as far in as possible. You may need to sand down the insert coupling a little to get it to fit in the 2" PVC. (Note: If you have no plans of ever running a shorter snorkel for trail riding or anything, instead of using a 3.25" piece of PVC, use a 14" piece.) Now glue and insert this 2" PVC with the Coupling installed, into the drain, Coupling side to the bottom of the drain. Get it in as far as possible.

You will now need to cut a 1.5" hole in the top of the fender. Here is a picture of where mine is cut.

Be careful where this cut is, if it is to close to the center of the bike the hose will interfere with the shock assembly. The drain is a bit to big to fit in between the front luggage rack so that will need to be trimmed, or rack removed. Install the drain into the fender using the 2 screws it came with, and the strainer under the bottom of the fender for a little more strength.

4. With the drain in place, and air box reinstalled use the 1.5" 90 degree rubber coupler to attach the Spa Flex hose and the Drain. It may take a little convincing to get them into place, but it fits and works fine.

5. Cut a section of 2" PVC to about 14" long and attach the 90 degree elbow. Attach this to the fender mounted drain with the 2" rubber coupler. You can use a third hose clamp in the middle of the coupler to stiffen it up some if needed.

Take the remaining 90 degree elbow and attach that to a 3" long piece of 2" PVC, you can use this if you plan to just do some trail riding.

6. You are going to want to route all your vent lines up to the snorkel using the correct size vacuum line or windshield washer tubing. Reroute both differentials, front and rear brakes, and fan. I also ran my gas cap vent as well, but that's up to you. Some more good tips can be found here.

- There are probably better and easier ways of making a snorkel. This method worked for me, and so far performed well. You may need to rejet or adjust your carb to get maximum performance.

- Install and use snorkel at your own risk
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where are the pics?
when we moved to the new forums we lost most of the pictures. Sorry.
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