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honda factory rims and tires

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Some one wants to buy my old honda tires and rims , what should I sell them for? Have about 30 miles on them.
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put them on ebay. $200 sounds fair for a new set though.
At the dealer where I bought my Foreman they were selling brand new take off sets for $200
thats probably straight cash in their pockets. over charge customers for new tires and wheels, then turn around and sell their stuff that was kept.
I sold mine with 11 miles on them.I put an ad in the local paper and the first guy that called on them came over and bought them.I was asking $300.00 for the set with lug nuts and center caps.HE offered me $250.00 so I grabbed it.I thought I did pretty good.
Factory tires

Thanks guys ,it's brother in law that wants them so I guess 150 is cool .
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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