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honda boys please help

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i have a rubicon 500 2002 and sometimes ,i mean sometimes when im at a stand still with my quad and i give it gas it makes a grunting or grinding sound,like the gears aren't i put it in neutral and then back in drive and give it gas and it then goes but sometimes it takes my a few times putting it in neutral and back in drive before it will go, without it making that noise.when it makes this noise my back tires dont spin.please help or some suggestions
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sounds like the clutch is not fully ingauging to me
May not be all the way in gear .. have you had the gearshift off lately ,if so it may need to be adjusted ..
i had a problem like this on my rubi, make sure you have enough oil, thats what the problem with mine was. what HM and Shepard said are most likley they problems.
TAKE IT IN TRUST ME i have a 2001 honda rubicon and mine was doing the same thing, i thought woops not fully in gear but then JUST last weekend i put 27" tires and 17km ont the trail in the second big mud hole my trany let loose turns out there is a falty shaft/part from the factory that cant handle the load and then that lets the gears slip. anyhow it is now costing me $3000cdn to get it fixed but they have a stronger replacement part. and also the shaft runs your oil pump so if it does go it will overheat so watch out. i hade to limp mine out in low.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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