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Honda 450 Foreman es shifting problem

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I have a 2004 Honda 450 foreman ES. the manual shift works through all gears and shows on the dash. the electronic shift button on the handle bars does not work, replaced the angle sensor and still not shifting.
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everything else electrical working????
Sounds like a connection problem if nothing changed when you changed the angle sensor.
Shift motor could be dirty try cleaning it.
Shift motor could be dirty try cleaning it.
Where is the shifting motor located?
Its on the front of the motor next to the angle sensor I believe.
Abe did you find a solution to your problem? I'm having the same issue. Shifting problems started and got progressively worse. For awhile I could turn it off and back on again and shift properly. Now, it won't Electric Shift at all. Manual shift works perfectly through all gears. Replaced the angle sensor and still won't shift. When you press the up or down shift button it makes the sound like it is shifting, but the display displays lines instead of the gear number. 01 Foreman 450ES.
try adjusting youre clutch
x2 on clutch adjustment
shop manual

my 2005 forman es is having shifting problems, of all the blogs I have read there is no constant problem. Battery is new, and no errors show, so is the shop manual online or do we have to purchase. Any easy tries to fix this problem? Here in Chicago, shop hours are high, so I thought if simple, I would try it.
Thanks, Joe
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have you tried adjusting the clutch yet ?
i will pm you a free factory manual for youre 500
I have a 2003 foreman es and my shifting problems have just started. It either shifts slowly with a delay or locks in third gear. When it locks I shut it to reset and it fixes it temporarily. Any thoughts for an amateur? Advice is appreciated.
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is the battery fully charged ?
You can try a code retrieval also (FAQ section).

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I am having the same issue with my '99 450es. I bought and replaced the shift motor as the gentlemen before me told me he replaced the angle sensor. There is power going to the angle sensor and there is power coming off of the shift motor. That is where my problem starts. I have checked all the fuses, adjusted my clutch and still I have nothing. There is no power or clicking at all when I try to shift (with a fully charged battery). Could it be my ECU or CDI? I also got an ohms reading on my shift buttons and it looked very clean inside when i took it apart.

I appreciated any and all feedback
I have a 450 es stuck in 5th gear will not down shift on the electronic shift or with the manual shift any ideas
Well, if it won't shift manually either then the problem is mechanical. There are some known trouble spots that involve the shift linkage under the front engine case cover.
Try manual shift without the engine running & rocking it.When I first got mine used it didn't want to shift because the Idle was turned up too high ! Mine shifts the best with the idle down as low as you can set it and keep it running. A good tune-up works best with the ES
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