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Honda 400AT or Suzuki Eiger?

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I know this is a Honda site but I'm looking at new automatic ATV'S for my wife.I've narrowed it down to the Eiger and 400AT.I have always owned Honda's but I've heard some bad things about the 400AT(all transmission related).I looked at the Eiger and I really liked it alot.They let me drive it and man,it's fast.I bet it's quicker than my 500 Foreman.The Honda dealer wouldn't let me test a 400AT so I can't really compare it.What I'm asking is:Does anyone have experience with both bikes? How's the Suzuki CVT belt transmission hold up?The Eiger is less money than a 400 AT,the only thing holding me back from the Eiger is the belt transmission.
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A buddy of mine has an eiger and it's a great little bike. He has had no promblems with it. It's what I would get for my wife, but I know my wife will never get crazy in water, maybe some mud but never water. If your wife will stay out of the water I say go for the eiger. They are cheaper but you get what you pay for. What I mean is it's kinda generic with the speedo and stuff like that.
Thanks.I'm sure it won't be in any deep water,just mud.
I have experiance on the Honda and its a great bike, its very stable, has very good power, and imo is a much better work machine than people give it credit. I've never ridden an Eiger but have friends who have and their only complaint was that it does'nt feel as stable as a Honda. But that is just here say, what was your opinion of the way it felt and did you get a chance to try it in an off camber situation,
I would go with the Rancher. My wife has one and is very happy with it. She does all the regular trails with us and doesn't do too much deep mudding and it's been a great bike. Just my opinion though.
I would go with the rancher too but i wouldnt go with the 400 at i think that that is one of the crappy bikes that honda made i dont like how high geared they are for the mud i would get her a 350 rancher 4x4 and put a 424 unlocker kit on it.....she would have to learn to shift but you can get in electric shift and you say that she doesnt do much deep riding so you will be fine with the electric shift program plus the 350 is geared lower for when she does need it
I say go with the Rancher too! She will have fun on it! The shifting is a piece of cake and I've had no problems with the electric part of it so far and mine's not sure if it is a 4-wheeler or a submarine half of the time. The 07's even have a 420 engine in them now, and it comes with a 424 switch now as well too- DANG IT! I get through everything everyone else does on our rides with no problem now that its jetted (more important for power when riding through deep water than anything else) I've read a lot about the AT vs the ES and seems almost everyone who gets the AT wishes they would have just gotten the ES because that's what they end up using anyways. The AT seems to lack the power to get through stuff as dirtyrider was sayin.
dont get either . suzuki has no reverse power and the AT is junk (sold mine).i would go for a yamaha or a kaw.
He said his wife wont get on it that hard I say get the Eiger. She anit going to hurt it any at all. But if she could do the ES get a rancher. My wife don't like to shift with her foot but she likes my foreman ES. I'm sure she can figure it out, if not go with the Eiger!
Eiger has a great belt system, it is a constant tension type drive. Now with the 450 KingQuad you might want to give her a nice plush ride .

Don't be afraid of the Eiger, they are a good little machine.
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