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Homemade storage box

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Anyone make their own storage box? I'm looking for some ideas.I might make a simple box with a lid.What's the best way to attach it to the rear rack?
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If you are going to make your own...I would secure it with u bolts drilled thru the box and to the rack. Put the hoop around the bar and the threads comming thru the box. This way you can silicone the threads and the nut to make it water proof. Just my thoughts...
my dad made a box for his 4wheeler and he just bolted it down with u bolts. if you are wanting to waterproof it, it might be kind of hard unless it is a good strong box.
I plan on using it for hauling my chainsaw mostly.I'm using planed pine lumber and a hinged lid.I'll put rubber on the bottom of it and I never thought of using u-bolts....Good idea I'd like an easy way of mounting it 'cause I don't plan on using it all the time,just when I need it.Maybe I'll use wing nuts on the u-bolts.
That will work. You can seal it and then peal it off when you want to remove it. No harm done...
I made a box of 16ga stainless to hold airhorns. Then U-bolted it to the front rack. I siliconed the bolt holes, but the front was perferated stainless, to let the sound out, but it also let water in, which didn't help the life of the horns. So it is now sitiing in the garage.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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