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Homemade lift?

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someone on here did a how to in making a lift kit he did and it gave the complete sizes and cuts to make, but i've did a search ............ and a search on lift kits ......... well is a little much to look through on this site, lol
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Hello I would like to know about a the lift also
On this website the guy made a custom lift kit for his Rubicon for about 10 buck. heres the link <a href="" target="_blank"> ... index.html</a>
Hey 500 you said you might get a 4-2-4 kit. You should they are one of the best mods you can do. You can get one on ebay for like $220 shipped. They are sweet. Seeya
thanks .... that was what i was looking for, but too bad i just won one on Ebay. hopefully it wont be that tough to install.
A lift kit houldn`t be that hard to put in considering that dude made one in like 2 hours.

And myers4712 I might get the 424 after my tires i just don`t like the knob and haveing to drill a hole in my fender.
i'm with ya on that 500 ........... i want the 424 also, but just wish it could've been designed a little different but i guess that would've envolved alot more and cost would've been alot more!!! i think that will still be my next mod, unless i can run across someone who has a set of 27" tires for a decent cost, and i can sell my 26's for a little something
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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