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Home made Snow Plow

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Ok sorry but I am bragging a little, my brother and I sat down and made me a snow plow the other weekend and it turned out better than I expected. So here is a couple of pictures The second Picture is what is left on the ATV after the plow is removed.
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Thats a nice looking plow and looks like it would do a nice job but Iwa s wondering if you can swivel it left or right and lock it in either position? I found that being able to swivel it helps with pushing the snow off to the side better, though getting on and off to adjust it kinda sucks but what can you do. Does it have the blade skids to actually keep the plow off of the ground and scraping your driveway? Those things work great for keeping the plow from destroying your driveway. Anyways, nice job and hopefully it will last a long time for you!
Thanks for the compliment

Yeah it has a plate under the quad attached to the frame then the arm then the blade is attached to two pivoting shaft that connect to the arm, swivels both ways, Just pull a pin and slide it out either way. And yeah there is little feet to protect the driveway, my drive is gravel so I need them more than on a concrete drive to keep it from digging rocks. Just needs a little tweeking arm needs a small bend in it to get the blade higher. And I am thinking of another attachment to for the arm, maybe something to deal with brush piles
that looks like you bought that plow. all the other plows i have seen dont look as good. good job!
Thanks I will have to give a lot of credit to my brother on the break, he put a bend about ever 1/2 inch in the blade, when we got it painted up we were like WOW not bad for the first attempt, and then when it actually fit and worked

That is why I had to toot my own horn alittle
Im from down south in Texas, what the **** is snow!!!!!!!!
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