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I was just all of yalls HMFs rattle everything loose?? My main bolt where the muffler bolts up comes loose just about every time that I ride for more than a couple of hours! And then If I run my quiet core it rattles the tip loose and it fell out one time!
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It does shake everything. Mine shakes the console if I let it idle...
Yeah mine rattles alot! I went and bought some loctite today forall the bolts and whatnot!
I'm new to this site and it seems to be a good place for answers. Could someone tell me which slip on pipe is best for my 500 Foreman? I don't want a lot of ear splitting noise. Just a little power gain.
My Pipe rattles too but I put a lock washer and some loctite on it. Haven't had a problem.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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