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i just got my hmf in from ebay and it said it came with free required jets, well it came with only 1 jet a 165. is this enough or will i need the jet kit and change the needle and clips?
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I got my HMF from Ebay as well. But I went ahead and got the Dynojet kit and K&N to go along with it, and am running a DJ170. I don't know how much difference you will notice between the 165 and 170...but with the other mods that I added at the same time, it made a WORLD of difference. I couldn't believe how much that it woke my bike up. If money is no object (which it isnt when it comes to our bikes), I would highly suggest to compete the package with the DJ kit and K&N.
Depending on where you live and what the elevation is the 165 could be what you need.

I got my kit from HMF and this is what it said

HMF Pipe and stock air filter-165 main jet and 2 1/2 turns out on air/fuel mix screw for 0~3000ft el., 160 main for 3000~5000ft

HMF Pipe w/ aftermarket air filter- 170 main jet and 2 1/2 turns out on air/fuel screw for 0~3000ft el., 165 main for 3000~5000ft el.

I actually called HMF and stated the promblem I was having. I am in TN where the average elevation is 1000ft. At my house it was a little rich but we normally ride in the mountains so the elevation could be anywhere between 2500 to 3200ft. I am running the 170 main but I get really rich when I go riding so they told me to step down to the 165.
i will be using the K&N filter and i also have a 2" snorkel, can i just order a 170 or do i need to change the fuel needle and spring and all that other good stuff also. i live in south louisiana, im about 45 mins from the gulf of mexico not sure on the elevation
You could safely call your elevation "sea level"or zero.
alrite well can i just order a 170 jet? where can it get it from?
You can get a single jet from the dealer, that is the easiest place. Your stock needle is not adjustable like they were on the 450s. That is why I would recomend a complete jet kit. I think the K&N Power pak is around $80-90 it comes w/ a filter and a Dynojet kit.
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