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i just got my HMF in and i want to put it on so bad but i dont have my jet yet. Would it hurt if i ran it without the jet.
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You could start it for a couple seconds no problem but I wouldnt ride it. Patience man, patience.
i dont have any i want to ride it and see how it sounds.
i run my rubicon with out a jet kit but i have a HMF and snorkle
The HMF may be reasonably close in jetting with no other mods, but should take it to the lean side due to more exhaust flow. Carbs already run a bit leaner in the cold air of winter, and the HMF would take it further in that direction. I would not run it more that a couple of minutes tops, before the rejet.
i don't get it why would you not want to run it after putting a pipe until you rejet it
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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