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hey guys what pipe should i get?
utility with the quiet core= 96-97 db
the QS1 =94 db
now is that @ full throttle?
would i notice a big difference in a few DB's between the 2
i just want some more power but not a headache
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Stick some ear plugs in & get the HMF Utility.
get the hmf utility and get a quiet core ($20.00)
when you muddin use w/out core unless you rather quiet pipe/ i like the loud sound better though...good thing about it is that you can put in the core when you huntin or whatever to keep the neighbors from complaining...if my neighbors told me something i would tellem to kiss it ....but thats just me...i would use the core for hunting though
the hmf isn't ear bustin' loud, you wont need ear plugs...I am 50% deaf in one ear anyway so I wouldn't know but others say it is not that bad.
i have a hmf utility pipe on my rubicon and i got the quiet core and without it is loud but its a good loud and with the quiet core it not as quiet as stock but it is not as loud as stock without the baffle so i would go with the utility series
As far as the neighbors, It is a lot quieter than loud pipes on a Harley as it flies through the neighbor hood. But I try no tto start it uo too much after dark and load it up the night before.

I do not regret getting the Utility pipe one bit. The quiet core is good insurance though.
i would go with the hmf utility pipe with a quiet core that will be perfect.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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