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Okay i know that i will gain power, but what about noise. my bikes are mainly used for hunting and i don't want them to make to much noise. If ne1 has a sound bite that would be awsome!!!
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If you mainly hunt with yours, I'd go with a stealth add on (if anything). HMF is probably not what you are looking for at all. But.....I always say, if you hunt in an area that has ATV traffic year round, those deer don't consider ATV's to be threatening at all. Kind of like how farmers can drive right up on deer with farm tractors without spooking them, because deer see , hear, and smeel farm tractors all the time, and they never were threatened by them, just part of the day to day scenery.
Here is one that my wife took today. My daughter was ridin' my wifes while
i was makin' lots of noise doin' donuts in the sand. That's pretty much all
you can here is my HMF.
The HMF Ecoseries QS1 is quiet, but a little more $$ than our Utility pipes, it will give a little more power than stock as well. The silencers or "Stealth" pipes work well to quiet even the stock pipes down, plus the do not require rejeting and are removable.
man, that exhaust sounds good..can't wait to have mine installed..should have it on by wendsday of next week..really just waiting to have carb jetted but i'm getting everything done at once for just 50.00..after jetting and installing your pipe,..can you pop wheelies now..?? i've seen a few Rincon's doing them but no foreman's..??
Sometimes i can do wheelies, but it depends on what type of terrain i'm on.
If it's sand, no way in a million years. I just spin.
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