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hmf vs other companys

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hey wat is one of the best pipes out there for the foreman 500. but not realy loud or realy quiet.. bout with a deep sound...
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I have a big gun on my 06...It has a nice sound at first...I guess after hearing it for 5 hours you get tired of any of them..
did you notice any power gains with the Big Gun...........I am seriously thinking about this pipe.
ya i thought bout the big gun to but is a 2006 and 2005 foreman the same......
yeah 05 and 06 are very similar if not the same bikes
My HMF wasn't really loud when I bought it. It had a really deep tone untill the day after I put it on I sunk it in a pond and it soaked in the water for about 10 minutes. Never sounded the same since........
HMF told me that the 05 and 06 have different inlet sizes. Rubicon/Foreman pipes are the same; at least with the 05 and up.
ya and big gun does not make a pipe for a 2005... who knows im goin to see wat the local shop has first..
Try Supertrapp. The IDSX has a system that you can adjust the sound level with however many discs you insert. This way you can make it as quiet or as loud as you want it. Check out their web site.
So you like your Supertrapp? Was there noticeable gains?
Yes, it was noticeable.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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