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Hmf utility exhaust with homemade exhaust snorkel

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i made a flange and got a 2" pipe welded onto it and i put it on temporarily to see how it sounded...its actually quieter idling with the big snorkel on it but when u get on the gas it gets quite loud...what did some of yall others do to yalls to make them quieter or do yall all just put up with the noise...i was thinking maybe just put a tarded exhaust tip on the end of it to maybe see if the tone will go down on it or not
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i made one for my rubicon (pics in my sig) you just have to deal with the noise. i had a 2.5" on a tractor muffler so it was really loud. i would usually wear a helmet so cut down on the noise. a person i ride with tried to put a exhaust tip to act like a baffle to try to quiet it down but it didnt really help.
yea well i also wear a helmet most of the time...but the place i ride at mostly is out in the woods but i park at a guys house that i dont know to well, well i dont know him at all but i was told i could park there by a friend that knows him and he said to park there and i wouldnt have problems, but i get there early in the morning and unload and dont wanna wake all the neighborhood and get the cops called on us
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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