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HMF To Looooooooooud!!

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Just got back from a trip to H/M Trails. The HMF muffler was way to loud. I really got tired of hearing it.

I also still don't have a lot of torque on the low end.

If I go back to my stock muffler must I also go back to stock jetting and stock filter? What about my K&N filter?

If I raise the needle will that give me more low end torque? Should I raise the stock needle or just raise the Dyno jet needle to correct the problem?

I know this is a lot of questions, but I hope someone can help me..
What Im after is a machine that is quieter but also has more low end torque. I could care less about top end speed.
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would you like to sell it?
I called Dyno Jet and they said leave the K&N filter on machine and change the jet to the 165 with stock muffler.

Boy, I still have power and its quiet!

I guess I'll have to go back to Hatfield-McCoy this weekend to try out the mods......
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