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HMF Swamp Series

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When is it coming out for our foremans????????????????????????????
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Quiet as in:
Idle: 85db
2500rpm: 94db
5000rpm: 98db

Swamp Series:
2500rpm: 95db
5000rpm: 100db

Swamp Series with Quiet Core installed:
Idle: 83db
2500 rpm: 92db
5000rpm: 94db

Swamp Series with Snorkel Installed:
Idle: 83db
2500rpm: 92db
5000rpm: 95db
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ummm more power than the utility series but quietter than stock with quiet core with no loss in power. and still no packing to blow out
mudslinger just has a stainless wrap. not fully stainless
Sounds to good to be true doesn't it..................
eric my tires sure look good on your foreman!
I miss them..........
NO WAY! Really?
I called HMF and they will be available by the end of this week...July 21st, but only sold throught Highlifter.
I don't care what the hmf pipe can do it's not worth 500 big ones! I'm thinking the mudslinger I was offered for $200 is going to be a good deal for me. If it's only really loud when you really get on it, it will be just fine for me.
i guess im just going to have to get mine and try it out for everybody
Ok, so are these on sale yet? I can't find em for sale anywhere on the net. who is gonna be the guinea pig so we can get some sound clips!
Here's mine.............
how does it sound and who did you get it through? who noticable is the power gain?
I got it from High Lifter.400.00 .Power is awsome,and now that I don't have just a Dynojet,it won't sputter in the water,I love it!!!!!It's not that loud either.It feel's like I got a 550 now!!!
nise. i wish i had a bike to put one one.
What,you have to keep yours stock??/
its not my bike to up stuff on. its my dads he just lets me ride it. plus i dont have a job right now anyways. once i get a job im going to save some money and make downpayment on an f150 and then im going to buy a foreman.
I'm 15,and I got a truck and bike already.Everything on my bike bike besides my pipe I paid for.but I did not pay for my bike.I got to choose my bike when I got it.I had an old Recon before,and switching to this Foreman I got was like switching from a "Hooptie to a Cadillac".(as the gangsters say it...............
yeah im 16 and dont ahve a job...i feel like a bum now. lol
im 16 and ive paid for everything put on my bike. just didnt buy it lol
21 - 40 of 41 Posts
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