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HMF Swamp Series

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When is it coming out for our foremans????????????????????????????
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i wish they would really hurry up and get them, out i want one really bad, but i can wait for quality work.
IM GOING BUY ME ONE!!!!!cHECK IT OUT,CAUSE I'M BUYIN ME ONE.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... MF-EXHAUST</a>

kind of funny you order one from them, when HMF is not even selling them yet
Well,if I have any problems,Ill just send it back.
You can pre order them but they are not out yet.
Sorry,no swamp series in stock.I got a call a couple day's ago,they don't have them in stock.But when they come out,i'll be one of the first people to get them.
You can put a snork up to 3' on the Supertrapp Mudslinger !!
Yea,but that pipe is un-Thoght-through(what i'm saying is that that pipe is not well thought through.......
Yeah, those guys at HMF are really behind
on the regular hmf pipes the diffrent colors they come in is it some type of coating or paint dose and ony have one . dose it wear out over time
got tired of waiting made on for 40bucks
looks great sounds great works great
QUOTE ("BIGB01":3c7ix0rl)
Yea,but that pipe is un-Thoght-through(what i'm saying is that that pipe is not well thought through.......
What do you mean? you are a true Knucklehead.
Exactly what i'm saying is what I mean.They put pillow packing,yey the pipe is going to be under water very often,thats what I mean.
This Released Today:

QUOTE ("Mike/HMF":pcobws78)
Swamp Series Release:

The HMF Swamp Series Exhaust line will be available exclusively through Tucker Rocky Distributing and Highlifter Products, Inc. as of July 16th, 2007. The first model that will be available will be the King Quad 700 and a new model released every week thereafter. Sales to the general public will be available in October 2007.

The Swamp Series creates more power and less sound than any other ATV exhaust on the planet. The five inch, stainless steel, TIG welded inlet and canister provide a water-tight seal for the serious utility ATV rider. This is the great white whale that exhaust manufacturers have been searching for. More power. Less Noise. Most models put out about 90-92 dB but with a deep, powerful tone. Even quieter with the optional forging kit that includes a stainless steel snorkel and heat shield but accepts an extension if needed for deep water or mud.

Production Schedule:
Suzuki King Quad 700: July 16th
Honda Rincon 650/680: July 23rd
Honda Foreman 500/Rubicon 500: July 30th
Kawasaki Brute Force 750: August 3rd
Yamaha Grizzly 700: August 10th
Can-Am Outlander 800: August 17th
Can-Am Renegade: August 25th

Pricing: $399.95 slip-on
$79.95 forging kit
$19.95 extension
$500?????? I'll pass!
My Mudslinger makes great power and not to loud................cheaper too. Go with the Mudslinger.
once again the mudslinger is made of aluminum and uses pillow packing so it will be cheaper. Stainless cost more than aluminum and it is a brand new product of coarse it will cost more. you will not have to repack the swamp when the packing gets wet because it has no pillow packing. its bolt it and leave it on. i guarantee a stainless pipe will last longer than that aluminum pipe
Sorry but you're wrong...........MudSlinger is stainless. Only the end cap is Aluminum. As far as not holding up, Dan at Highlifter and Supertrapp sat down together and designed this pipe. It is designed to run in mud, water and whatever else you want to put it through.
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