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Hmf Swamp Series or HL Springs????

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Swamp Series any good???????????Or should I get some HL springs????
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Swamp Series is not out for our Foremans yet. Get the springs and when the pipe comes out get it too!
How come I ordered it??I ordered it off <a href="" target="_blank"> ... MF-EXHAUST</a> .It should be coming in soon.
When you get it let us know. I just find it hard to believe that the HMF site would not have it but another site would.
Hmph?????If it's shity,IT"S GOING RIGHT BACK!!!!!!!!But if not,it's stayin' on my beast.I'll post pics of me puttin it on.And i'll post reply's on it when I break'er in.
QUOTE ("Brian Latiolais":2uh01ikm)
Hmph?????If it's #!%,IT"S GOING RIGHT BACK!!!!!!!!
What are you talking about? The exaust you ordered is an HMF Swamp Series, what did you think it was?
I know what it is,you misunderstood.I mean if it's crappy.
the supertrap mudslinger (same thing as a Swamp Series) is out for the foremans
The Swamp Series is better though!
Get both! The HL springs are only like $100. You can put an extra 100lbs on the front, plus you gain about 1inch of lift, and it takes away any body sag you may have! The Swamp Series is supposed to be cool, but I have not seen it anywere yet. Good Luck!
QUOTE ("Brian Latiolais":2x339s9b)
I know what it is,you misunderstood.I mean if it's crappy.
I got ya!

How much is the mudslinger?
the mudslinger is aluminum and has pillow packing, swamp series is stainless and has a mechanical packing, i going to wait for th swamp
That's what I'm going to do is wait. I have waited this long a few more months aint going to kill me.
what,pillow packing is not better than mechanical packing???
I just got the Mudslinger about 2 weeks ago and love it. not loud at all when you are cruising but get on and it is sweet. it also has a nice deep tone to it. as far as what is better, who cares, it has a 5 year warranty.
QUOTE ("Brian Latiolais":16u7xmy2)
what,pillow packing is not better than mechanical packing???
pillow packing likes to blow out when it gets wet. mechanical has nothing to blow out
why worry about the packing getting wet? The pipe has a snorkel on it.
the swamp series is in the new dealer books but as of 3 weeks ago it was still backordered
Boy supertrapp is proud of that pipe!! What's the Swamp going to cost?
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