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hmf swamp series for the 500

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hmf just released more info the new swamp series. ... 8#post7848

looks like the 500 is in and the 450 is out.
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that will be sweet on the 500
i saw that a while back, it looks good but they are not hard to make at all. it will be good for the people that dont have the tools to make them though.
(I only posted Hondas they will make them for others)
FOREMAN 500 06
FOREMAN 500 06>
Not for the 05 Foreman???????
the 05 and 06 body and frame is the same isnt it? i am gessing that it will work on any of the foremans. companys do that all the time, i used to buy stuff for my rubi that was made from 01-04 and i had a 03 and it always worked good.
big daddy,

dont know why it isnt listed but it is the same as the 06. also for my utility i had to order the rubicon pipe. they said it was the same thing. we will have it.
I just felt like bitching LOL I figured it was a typo!
Whats the difference in just welding a piece of a 2 " pipe to your HMF' and snorkeling it out its pretty much the same thing right?
its exactly the same thing
the new swamp series has no packing to get wet and it is stainless, a whole lot better than aluminum.
""Made from stainless steel and using a mechaical core the Swamp Series is made to take what mudders can dish out.
No packing to burn out, fully sealed AND with an optional snorkel.""
Very nice, except i already have a HMF
how do you think i feel, that came out the day after i dropped my tax money on my pipe
any of ya all with hmf utility and don't need it pm me, im looking for one, used is cheep AND cheep is the best. haha how bad do u want the swamp series?

HMF swamp pipe

Supertrapp makes one also that has the snorkel accessory
i seen an ad for it in the april Dirt Wheels mag. looks sweet
How much hp does the supertrapp produce?
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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