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HMF spark arresstor

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After seeing the other post about spark arresstors, I was thinking about the many aftermarket pipes around here. How many of you with after market pipes (HMF, Supertrapp, etc...) run the spark arresstors in them?? Curious.

I do.
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i dont
i am hopping for a big flame to shoot out one day lol
on my brother in laws stock prarie 700..spark arrestor factory installed muffler..if we bounce it off the rev limiter while going in reverse then keep it pegged and hit the rpm limiter override switch it'll bark a blue flame almost a foot out the tail
sounds like a lil to much to do there lol
Im ready for something else to add on! Where should I look for the best deal for a HMF?
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

This place has the best deals, $219 for the pipe jets and unifilter. I had a bad experience with them but Travis had a good one. I ended ordering from Highlifter. Same $219 but no jets or filter. Just order the one for the 2004 Rubicon, its the same as the 500 Foreman, but a lot of places have not figured that out yet.
yea deal with lessons came pretty quick i paid for 2nd day though
If they have them in stock they'll have a quick turn-around. Thats where I had my problems, but I sure it was just my dumb luck. Just make sure they check to see if they have one in stock and what i sin the box is the correct item.
i am still waiting on my money back from this sux i am out of $206
I just got my $$ back from them yesterday, from the pipe I sent back 2 weeks ago.
that sux i could use that money. they sure took it out fast but cant get back fast.
20 seconds to take it and two week to return it. Got to love it.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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