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HMF Snorkels

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Anyone interested in snorkeling there HMF? Im having 20 Stainless Steel caps being made right now, more info to come.
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I'm interested , let me know what you find out .
I was just talking to my dyno guys about this earlier today.
I will have the caps real soon, thinking of making the snorkels for the Ranchers and Foremans, ready to bolt on, all out of stainless.
For other models (a universal application), there will be a stainless cap, and about a 6 inch piece of stainless tubing already tig welded on. Up to the end user to make the rest, out of whatever they want.
Post some pics as soon as you have them made up .
I might be able to sell a few for you.
Will do, thanks!
It would be worth trying if we could take it on and of as we needed. Was the stainless easier to get than aluminum?
mandrel bent alum. tubing is costly and hard to get.
Well I guess it will be thin wall like exahuast pipe, weight won't really matter. I just keep think abou twhen I was a tubing bender and we would bend ss tubing w/ 0.25 wall thinkness and up, it would get heavy after a while.
yeah be a lot thinner then that!
ill take one dont think i would need it but dosent hurt to use.
Just keep in mine you MAY have to make a jet or mixture screw change , there might be a change in exhaust back pressure .
How about one for the rinny..
Are you still planning on making those HMF snorkels?
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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