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HMF quiet core question

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Hey guys, i just ordered an HMF for my foreman and it comes with the jets and spark arrestor. Is the quiet core the same thing as the spark arrestor?
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i dont think so, if i recall 1 of them goes on one end of the muffler and one goes on the other end, but not exactly positive so make sure with someone elses info
thanks...anyone else have a clue?
quiet core goes in the end of the exhaust just like the spark arrestor. The quiet core has a spark arrestor on it. As for it being the same. I dunno. I would assume yes.
Natedizzer is right, the quiet core goes in the end just like the spark arrestor. It is basically a spark arrestor with a 6" long 1" dia tube welded on it. When I installed mine it rattled a little so I used steel wire as a shim so it would tighten up and not rattle. It quieted down the exhaust quite a bit IMO.
thanks guys. i cant wait to get it and install it. ive heard so many good things about them so i cant wait.
IMO, the HMF sounds a lot better with out the quiet core, i have the HMF on my Foreman and the quiet core didn't really make it quieter, just made it sound like a XR50. but either way you will love the power.
I have seen the spark arrestor on the quiet core, and just as a spark arrestor itself. I put the quite core on with the spark arrestor tack welded to the end. It worked great for riding, really quieted the beast down. Although, when i went into the swampy mud bog, the screen plugged off and I was unable to get it cleaned by reving the engine up. The result was huge power loss due to the air flow restricion. I was not happy. After I pulled the quiet core out and removed the spark arrestor, I reinstalled the quiet core. Put the end cap back on and fired it back up. It was still quiet but the quiet core was rattleing like carzy. The spark arrestor acts like a spacer to hold in the quiet core. So, I need to take it apart again and put in a spacer, because the rattleing is annoying.
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what would a bike sound like with the quiet core in with an exhaust snorkel on it...i have a snorkel on my exhaust now and it sounds funny, but i dont care, its better than stalling out in water and having to do all that crap to drain the water out
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