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hmf qs1 thoughts?

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sup all....just found this foreman...lets get it going in here..any way just ordered a new pipe..qs1...n e 1 have it? just wondering about how quite it really is and if there is any loss of powere etc...?
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From what I've heard and seen, the QS1 is around 93 dbs. Where the utility pipe is around 101dbs. It produces around 1/2 the power as well. Rubicon3303 has one and it sounds good on the trails. But from what he said and what I can imagine, it must be REAL loud in the neighborhod echoing on houses.

I'm going to get a utility pipe, as soon as my wife lets me spend some more money on the bike.
101 db's on the utility pipe..? man thats loud as my z400 with the fmf uncorked..cant really even ride around here with it like that..even when i dont leave my property the sheriff shows up sayin someone called about the noise...boy i hope i like the qs1...otherwise itll be ebay time..
I hve never heard a complaint about the QS1 being too loud. Let us know what you think when you slap it on.
will do...
I got the utility hmf like truegrit said and i love the sound. Robb and Kodiak05 are getting one also. It sounds great on trails but in the neighborhood it sounds like a harley.
I have the QS1 and love it. Not to loud at all, people always compliment the sound of my bike now. It was the first mod I did AFTER I put my 27" claws on, and boy when it was stock it would bog down pretty bad. I put this pipe on and I was able to spin em good, then with the filter and jets WOW whole new bike. You will not be disapointed in this pipe unless you want it real loud.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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