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HMF pipes??

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Hey guys I just want to know where you can buy an HMF pipe for a Foreman 500 4x4 S?
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i bought a performance kit at jet, k&n filter, and hmf exhaust for about $300...i think an exhaust alone is about $240
you are better off to buy them pipe then a dyno jet kit. cuz u get more with the dyno jet kit. then wat ever air filter you want.
Where can you order the jet kit??? has them i know.. dennis might
You can get all this stuff you want from ....I have used them and they do a good job! I got my pipe for like 230$ shipped
Just get it directly from HMF. They send you the jet that you need so all you do is install it and be done with it.
get the dynojet kit. not available at hmf or atvoutfitters. it is seperate. just jets will get it done, but the kit gives you other adjustability with the carb that is nice.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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